Does My Car Need Cooling System Repair?


As a human, you likely enjoy drinking cold water on a hot day in order to stay relaxed and cool. Well your vehicle’s engine has a similar temperament. The cooling system pumps coolant, a specially engineered liquid designed to regulate the temperature of the engine, through the motor as it operates. If it were not for a healthy cooling system your car quickly overheat, which could result in parts literally melting together. To avoid expensive engine repairs be sure to pay attention to the signs the cooling system may be having trouble operating.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Perhaps the first sign of trouble that you'll experience if you're cooling system is not able to properly do its job is a rising temperature gauge on the dashboard. If this rises into the red zone you want to quickly pull over in order to give your engine a rest and allow it to cool down before proceeding. You may also want to pour some water into the radiator to ensure there is enough liquid to be pumped through the engine.

Smoking Hood

If white smoke pours out from under the hood while you were driving there's a good chance that the vehicle is overheating. While this can be caused by other types of engine trouble, it is most likely the result of a failed cooling system. Pull over immediately and allow your vehicle to cool down. Once cool check the coolant level to ensure there is a sufficient amount of coolant in the system.

Low Coolant Levels

Every so often you should conduct general maintenance on your vehicle that includes checking its fluids. If you find that coolant levels are low there's a possibility that it is being burnt up within the engine. This would result in your vehicle overheating.

White Exhaust Smoke

If your car does have low coolant levels you may have noticed puffy white clouds of smoke escaping from the tailpipe during recent trips. If coolant is burnt up in the combustion chamber this type of exhaust smoke will be produced.

Visible Coolant Leak

Of course most obvious sign of trouble for the cooling system is a visible coolant leak. Coolant is generally a bright green color and is very sweet smelling. If you find it collecting in your driveway be sure to make an appointment with your auto repair shop right away, and then be sure to clean up the spill as thoroughly as possible, animals are highly attracted to coolant, and it is very poisonous.

At the first sign of trouble be sure to take your car to your local mechanic. Not addressing cooling system issues will result in your vehicle overheating and eventually cause major engine damage. If you need cooling system or radiator repair in Gretna head to West Transmissions total Car Care. We offer bumper to bumper auto repair and maintenance for all makes and models of vehicles. For discounted auto repair in Gretna be sure to check out our special offers and to request an appointment give us a call at (504) 362-6947 today.

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