5 Symptoms of Cooling System Trouble


5 Symptoms of Cooling System TroubleNo matter what type of vehicle you drive, car, truck, SUV, big rig or tractor, it utilizes a cooling system to regulate the operating temperature of the engine to ensure that it doesn't, quite literally, melt itself. One of the main components of the cooling system is the radiator. The radiator reduces the heat of a specialized liquid called coolant that is pumped through the engine to keep it cool. If you run into any of the following problems it could mean it's time for radiator or cooling system repair.

Rising engine temp gauge

Most cars have a dashboard temperature gauge that lets the driver know the operating temperature of the engine. If it is ever pointing to the red zone it may indicate failure of some cooling system parts, including the radiator. Shut the vehicle off right away to avoid additional overheating problems.

White steam

If the car does begin to overheat you'll likely notice white steam pouring out from under the hood or the engine bay area. Once this occurs get your vehicle off the road and shut it off right away. A failing or leaking radiator can result in a vehicle that will no longer be able to regulate the operating temp of the engine, which could cause it to melt itself from within.

Low coolant level

It's necessary to conduct routine maintenance at home from time to time, which includes keeping tabs on your car's coolant levels. Be sure to only check this liquid when the engine has been off for some time so that it is cold. If you find low coolant levels it is possible that you will also notice one of the following issues.

White exhaust smoke

Should coolant be leaking into the combustion chamber it can cause the car to produce white exhaust smoke. This is an indication of a larger engine problem, as there may be a crack in the engine block.

Visible coolant leaks

Coolant is usually a bright green colored fluid that is very sweet smelling, like maple syrup. If you notice this liquid dripping from your vehicle it means that there is a leak in the radiator or another part of the cooling system. Be sure to have this repaired right away to avoid major engine trouble caused by overheating.

Never put off having cooling system issues diagnosed and repaired, as they will lead to massive engine problems. For expert cooling system and radiator repair in Gretna visit the team at West Transmissions Total Auto Care. We provide full service auto repair for all makes and models. To schedule quality auto repair in Gretna give us a call at (504) 362-6947!

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