Need Help With Your Manual and Automatic Transmissions?


The health of our vehicle's depend on the health of all its inner parts. Much like a human body, if one of the vital organs (such as the engine or transmission) is not functioning properly, the rest of the body suffers greatly. While we don't give much thought to our transmissions when they are working properly, we sure do notice when it's not working right. If you suspect your transmission might be in need of inspection or repair, don't delay. Get your car to a trusted auto repair shop as soon as you can to ensure your car gets back to its tip-top health.

Fluid Leaking?

Transmission fluid is like the lifeblood of your transmission, keeping all the parts fully lubricated and working smoothly together. But what happens when that fluid is leaking? While none of us like to pull out a parking lot and see that our car has been leaking fluid, it's especially crucial to pay particular attention if you think your transmission fluid is leaking. Without proper amounts of transmission fluid your transmission will begin to experience great deals of friction and will begin to heat up to dangerous temperatures. One of the ways you can tell if your car is leaking fluid is by a distinct red fluid beneath your car. If you pull out of a parking space and notice a red fluid has leaked from your vehicle be sure to bring your car into an auto maintenance shop as soon as possible to have your transmission fluid levels inspected. Another way to tell if your car is leaking transmission fluid is by checking the level of the fluid. Unlike oil, which reduces in levels the longer it's being used in the vehicle, transmission fluids levels should never change. If the level is lower, it means there is a leak somewhere.

Ominous Smells?

While we all know the pleasant feeling of sitting by a campfire and smelling the earthy scent of burning firewood, this same scent of something "burning" is not as pleasant to encounter when it is coming from your vehicle. Any time you notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle it's important to stop and ensure you are safe and then proceed to have it inspected by a professional auto repair shop as soon as you can. One of the explanations for a burning scent while driving a car is that the transmission is overheating. If the transmission fluid is heating up too much it may begin to burn and create an ominous scent in your vehicle. One of the ways to check this is to inspect the color of the transmission fluid. If the fluid has turned a darker shade (versus the special red) it could mean it has begun to burn.

While there are many important pieces to a functioning car, the transmission is like a vital organ, keeping the vehicle functioning and healthy. However, what happens if your transmission is no longer acting like it is healthy -- can you find an auto repair shop who knows what to do? If you find yourself needing help with your manual and automatic transmissions in Gretna be sure to get in touch with us here at West Transmission Total Care at (504) 362-6947. Our team of professional and experienced technicians are ready to answer any and all of your transmission questions!

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