How to Know if Your Shocks Need Service


There are few things more enjoyable than being in a car that is gliding over a roadway like silk, the sounds outside muted and the music relaxing us along with the smooth ride. This experience wouldn't be possible without shock absorbers, what helps keep vehicles from experiencing too bouncy of a ride when the springs underneath hit a bump in the road. We all know how difficult it can be to drive on a rough road, being tossed around inside a car trying to hold on for stability. It's important to be familiar with the different signs of malfunctioning shocks in order to have them maintained properly. If you're wondering if your shocks are in need of service get in touch with a reliable auto repair shop who can help inspect your shocks and make sure they are in their top working condition.

A Jumpy Car

One of the benefits of having functional shocks is that your vehicle doesn't bounce around after hitting bumps or dips in the road. Your car hits a bump, jumps the one time, and then continues driving smoothly. But if the shocks have worn away then your car will start to bounce a bit more. Instead of evening out after a bump it will jump and bounce a lot longer after hitting the bump. The car will feel a bit bouncier in general, jumping more than usual.

A Dipping Nose

As a vehicle's shocks begin to experience more and more wear and tear over the years, it will begin to loosen up. This, in turn, will turn the driving experience into a slightly loose experience. One of the ways to identify this is happening is if the nose of the car begins to dip forward when the car is braking. If you start to notice the front of your vehicle dipping forward when you brake, it could mean the shock absorbers have loosened up a bit.

Shaky Steering Wheel

When a steering wheel is working properly it is hardly even something we notice. We turn to the right, turn to the left, and appreciate its ability to help us get where we want to go. But what happens when a steering wheel is no longer working the way it is supposed to? What happens if it isn't turning the way we want it to? What happens if the steering wheel starts to shake or vibrate? If you start to notice that your steering wheel is vibrating it could mean that your shocks are no longer as effective as before. If you a steering wheel starts to vibrate while you drive take your car into a trusted auto repair shop to have your shocks properly inspected.

Driving in a car that takes bumps in the car as smooth as silk is a wildly enjoyable experience. Making sure your shocks are in good health will help keep the ride as smooth as possible. To help maintain your shocks find a nearby auto repair shop who can help ensure the shocks are in good health and ready for any bumps in the road ahead. If you think you need shock service in Gretna get in touch with us here at West Transmission Total Care at (504) 362-6947 right away!

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