Strange Noises that Mean it is Time for Auto Repair


Strange Noises that Mean it is Time for Auto RepairYour car is smart, but it still can't tell you everything that is wrong with it. As you drive down the road it is important that you pay attention to any signs your car may exhibit if it is experiencing trouble operating. One of the more common symptoms of a problem will come in the form of a sound. If you hear any of these odd noises be sure to consider it a warning sign and visit your local auto repair shop for further diagnostics.

Squealing when braking

Perhaps the most common sound you may encounter is a squealing noise that occurs as you hit the brakes. This is generally a sign of worn brake pads. The sound you are hearing is metal grinding on metal and the brake pads need to be replaced as soon as possible, as your stopping power is greatly diminished at this point.

Clicking noise when you turn the key

If you turn the key and the engine does not crank but you hear a loud click, or a series of clicks, it likely mean that your vehicle is due for a new starter motor. The starter is what spins the flywheel to put the motor in motion, and this clicking sound usually indicates that the starter motor is actuating, but not engaging and spinning.

Knocking noise under the hood

A knocking noise coming from under the hood that rises and falls with the engine RPMs is a sign of worn engine bearings. These bearings support the movement of the internal engine parts, but they are subject to general wear and tear. They may also become damaged due to insufficient lubrication caused by low oil levels.

Increased engine noise during acceleration

Does your vehicle suddenly seem louder? Does the engine roar when it used to meow? This could indicate an exhaust leak. A leak in the exhaust system can result in many issues, including decreased fuel efficiency and the possibility of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Grinding while shifting

Any noises that occur as your vehicle shifts, regardless if it is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, generally means that the transmission fluid is low. Low levels of fluid generally indicates a leak.

If you have noticed any strange sounds as you drive be sure to let your local auto repair shop take a peek and run diagnostics so the issue doesn't grow worse. If you need automotive diagnostics in Gretna, LA, head to West Transmissions Total Auto Care. Our ASE certified auto repair technicians will be able to quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle's issue, no matter what it is. To schedule professional auto repair in Gretna give us a call at (504) 362-6947 today.

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